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Bottles are limited to two per expression, per order


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29 Year Old Glaswegian

Single Grain Scotch Whisky

A Classic Scotch Whisky Selected and Bottled by
The Whisky Works

A classic whisky from a now-silent grain distillery which once stood at the heart of Scotland’s waterways.

This whisky has been matured in American White Oak barrels primarily held in traditional dunnage warehouses whose earthen floors help maintain a cool temperature and higher humidity. This results in a slow maturation, with less of the precious whisky lost to evaporation, and develops a harmony between the distinctive flavours.

The influence of the wood on this light grain whisky has created a wonderful sweet taste with flavours of rich butterscotch, delicate vanilla, and exotic fruit, rounded off with caramelised crème brulee notes.

Just 1,642 individually numbered bottles of this 29 year-old Single Grain whisky exist, each of which has been bottled at natural strength with no added colour and no chill-filtration.

*Please note, we currently only ship to UK addresses.


Bottles are limited to two per expression, per order




Rich butterscotch and delicate vanilla, interwoven with a hint of wood spice, desiccated coconut and juicy pineapple


Creamy custard, caramelised Crème Brûlée, apricot and buttered popcorn

The Whisky Works

At The Whisky Works, we believe in pioneering new practices and investigating new taste experiences, but we’ll always have respect for the traditions and history of Scotch.

We want to share our love of interesting whisky – old or new – single malt, grain, or blend – through small-batch bottlings accessible to anyone curious about the best drinks.

We are a boutique blending and bottling house, run as an independent arm of one of Scotland’s oldest whisky firms, founded in 1844.

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